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Jet and the Pet Rangers: 1x4

The Brightness Light of All

Elderly firefly Andoy proves unlucky, as he spends the entire evening trapped inside a cookie jar of a mischievous orphan kid named Ben. Ben believes a firefly’s light can make wishes come true, and he needs nothing less than to see his long-deceased parents once again. Things take a bad turn though when Andoy starts to lose his tail light. Miffed, Ben flips him out of the jar then heads toward the forest with one goal in mind: Fill his jar with fireflies. Wishing no harm to his fellow fireflies, Andoy together with the guardians of wildlife, Jet and the Pet Rangers, embarks on a mission to prevent his dangerous plan and grant Ben’s wish instead. With the help of the forest fireflies, they form an illusion in the likeness of Ben’s parents, making the kid extremely happy and finally fulfilling his wish, even for just a moment.

Apr. 03, 2020